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Either of these qualifications entitles the holder to be registered

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mares the pains may be so violent and constant that it is

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dies are the hydragogue cathartics diuretics and that general class of

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the stomach may be either phlegmonic or erythematic. But

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have sometimes appeared. I doubt therefore upon the whole

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to warrant me in hoping that my operation would be permanently suc

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of the nerves lack the medullary sheath which are after

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mation. He always used it .so did every gynajcologist with

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and the presystolic period during which the auricle contracts. The former

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can make is to refer him to Messrs. Tattersall whose skill

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In suggesting a name for the disease I would agree with the

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Case XI. A male infant six months old with a large scrotal

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quarantine p tion at New York the principal teats having

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was a mistake to tell the patients that there was nothing the

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Haubold and Meltzer after an experience comprising seven cases con

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some observations upon the varying condition of the

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ing exposure to cold storms and cold damp folds. The back

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