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portion of the cervix. The amount and physical characters of the cer

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sis is one of the diseases communicated by animals to man.

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manded. Functional disorders are to be regulated and any fluilty con

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mechanism it is that produces the positive findings in the dif

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penis nothing abnormal was discovered. On rectal examination the

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remissions varying from a few months to five or six

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parasites of bones. The other parasites will be studied briefly because

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given in figures. A chapter on Neurosyphilis and the War is quite apropos.

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or red. The same condition was present on the right

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temporary affections and even when they persist for a certain time

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A sister is living and suffers from asthma. Four maternal

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as an adaptation for maintaining the sensory discrimination

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economically superior position of those who can afford to marry

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show you a photograph illustrating elephantiasis of the clitoris and

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acute or may be subacute or chronic from the outset. Tubercular can

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skill and judgment to end a labor with the forceps.

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guished in dissection or avoided in an operation to explain

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horizontale nigro fere nudo squamis minimis nigris ad apicem vestito

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visory control and licensure of midwives to the boards

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colored figures is the most extensive article on the subject of

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scribed in the previous chapter arisei and compensatioo beoooM

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the most the character and apparent localization of the sensation

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side affected was noted 17 in which both glands were involved

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the pulse became more rapid and dicrotic. Blood pressure was normal. At

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perhaps seem doubtful. In those rare instances in which

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Dean belie es that the danger attributed to intravenous injection of

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should be inserted in the resolution which would guarautee

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the body puts up a strong fight all sorts of antibodies

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