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scab had been, l>\ some accident, removed. This is the mod
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administered slowly, that is, for 2 or 3 days. Diarrhoea in young ani-
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course, put it in her mouth. Before the mother could
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M. Moutet has described, under the name of hydatid cyst of the anterior ab-
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Mirjana Rabadjija, m.d., Associate in Oral Biology and Pathophysiology.
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services, be alike open to both, then there will be
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will form a thoroughly nutritious and satisfying diet ; and, if the other
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(Original in the Royal Scottish National Portrait Gallery) manhood hc Settled iu
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the morbidity files should reveal approximately ten reported
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mankind, to women certainly, for properly used, a few drops on
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He- Vaccination in the Prussian Army for 1853. — During 1853,
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tions an enema composed of warm water, one pint ; common
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struction of sewers and underground passages for the gas pipes, have
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tions, hundreds of children received an outing last summer, who other-
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Briquet, 612, or yS per cent., occurred before twenty-five years of
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cilli, staphylococci, streptococci and a coccus obtained
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below by the compact structure of the cervix, the intervening space being filled
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lapse or hysterical convulsion. In illustration we may recall
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fmell as the horns and hoofs of animals whilft they
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ever, he believed in isolation and he considered lumbar
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sufficient recovery to manifest but little difference between the two
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This inflammation may result in adhesions — or in the forma-
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the protective action that modest intake of alcohol plays in
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ment was 1.21 inches short of the average, and the rain-days were
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The knee-jerk and Achillis-jerk on the left side were exaggerated ;
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crepitus on pressure. They were of equal size and globular form, and the
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gums. The mucous membrane of the stomach and intestine usually shows
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and of a slightly bluish colour, like water, inter-
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time-rows and races the a})ex beat was visibly dis-
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At any other time one would wish, before promulgating a far-
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3. Administrative expenses (President's Secretary's, Treas-
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that the wraps will guard the throat from chills whereas
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trephining for a basal lesion, the case being diagnosed from the
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except to the refuge camp, as provided in paragraph I
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Smith, Dorland, A.B., Yale, '96 Yale, '99 Bridgeport.
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spondence. Fixation with full dose, half dose and quarter dose of
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