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Phenytoin Injection Side Effects

son and wife brought Mr. L. to the emergency depart

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prevented use of the arm. We extracted the upper first

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lucinations which continued to occupy the mind and make upon it th

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Infirmary has placed us under obligations by the publication in the

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becoming more and more a source of distress and oppression ex

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be strongly chemotactic the open end of the tube being

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Very characteristic are the deformities that are manifested by the

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ralgic tendency has once been set up there are many circumstances

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among them. Buffaloes are susceptible to inoculation with

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some share in the general debility observed in these cases.

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It is to be expected that medicine including surgery or mechanical

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other abdominal viscera. He enumerates as these signs de

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and or intestinal bypass or those who elected not to have

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lower portion was more coagested and of a darker color than

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Besides the relief from periodic attacks of inflam

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trochanter minor and then behind till the finger could

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or a limited group of cells usually those in the anterior cornua give

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Sensory Examination. It was usually normal in twelve cases

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up by finding the bacilli in the urine though here a

phenytoin injection side effects

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with exact and most painstaking anatomical and histological investigations

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are therefore unable to study the peculiarities of each

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of the mucous membrane of the upper air tract but also that this

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Lanoliv is a proposed new basis for ointments having advantages

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