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Marshall, Texas (Kansas City Veterinary College, 19 10) ; Forge,

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extremities. Arch. Surg., 37 :973-980, (Dec.) 1938.

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Hcemolysis, tested by growing on l)lood agar, was slow, but quite evident after

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will tend to displace them; for such purposes the truss

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probably either from disease or accident, producing weakness,

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operation, is certainly true, a majority of them, but

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One of the most prevalent of bad habits is the use of tobacco.

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ence was a polemical work on respiration in 1727. He demonstrated

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afterwards by marriage so closely associated with her

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have. And often when you do, no one else is at work to help

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medicine — the grouping of related facts in juxtaposition, so as to

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is quoted at thirty dollars in London. According to the same

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external conditions favor the propagation of the virus.

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carbolized and borated water, then rubbed them well with a

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perspiratory function, from constant excitation, and foreigners, in a

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It is iifccssarv. also, to inakc slrciiiious w.w mi mir

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merely by a dorsal commissural band of fibers. The subject

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the one from the other. Some of these common characters belong

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science. However it may be explained, there is, fortunately for the

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were studded with countless numbers of minute tubercles. There

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years and a half, attended with a great sense of uneasiness in the

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brought up into the wound, and the capsule incised along the convex

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conditions. They show themselves, however, very slightly resistant to

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2. Dd/ort's. — Bicarbonate of soda, 2| oz., bicarbonate of

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plied externally in the solid State, as caustics, must not be

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animals and the establishment of veterinary colleges in various

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