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from this office of the seriousness of conditions at Columbus Barracks
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of receiving and lacking the ability to excrete stale substances
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in first class college preparatory school in large city for next year.
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reduced the danger to uiuther and child. Seafield House
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displacement will be imperative and also will we have often to remove a
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and usually a number of aniall eyst are soaitered through their subsbanctt.
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possible moment were imperfectly appreciated by many
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who had suffered from a peculiar form of idiocy associated with blindness.
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thing reduced and the extreme tenderness overcome. Then remove the
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vooutinf occurs tlicte is most probably obstruction of tho intestine.
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ever so well endowed and practised fails to effect delivery so that
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ous irrigation with a hot solution containing 10 of gelatin and
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Lint soaked in the perchloride solution is then applied
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marine laboratory. One of the most remarkable results of
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stands according to the method adopted in the College collection. The
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Case XIV. Diagnosis cardiac decompensation secondary cir
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examination system and under the influence of ecclesiastical or temporal
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Territorial Force. Having briefly discussed the means of
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by castor oil. Thoroughly washing the anus and the parts around it with
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stenosis in a growing child than could be the case from an
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beautiful brilliant yellow flowers which appear in July and August.
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M and apply on cotton and rub the ear all around with it.
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antiseptic. Attention should al O bo given to wounds
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Constipation is readily overcome by means of an enema or a saline
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Springs of Germany Austria and Switxerland. Illustrated fi 50
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constituents. Senator Stanford however never availed himself of this
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The deception was discovered both from an examination of the
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enrolled ten major students of whom six were graduates and four under
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the little finger of the right hand was attacked with numbness which
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such men. On November 13 it said The parade of military organi
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cognized for some years that the reaction experiment may be turned
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has had attacks of vomiting with abdominal pain present. The attacks occur at
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are to a certain extent interchangeal le. There was apparently one contra
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tion iu London of King Edward s Fund or in the provinces
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of the same to the surrounding medium. The heat thus given
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An amusing instance of the shoemaker not sticking to his last
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estado de ninfas de primer grado se alimentaran sobre el cuerpo
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commended as a valuable handbook not only to the patient jjoing
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in the solution a week or more may be frozen cut and mounted
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It is probable that some kidneys loosen after nephro
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inch of carbonic acid. Recent analyses have shown the presence of lithia
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applied. They are really laboratories of experimen
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in colour Avith the smoke stained straw of native houses it rests
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The medical profession has a responsibility derived
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eight of diseases of the nose throat and ear four of
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uric acid ought to undergo further change and produce urea a change
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not exceeding ten may for the purposes of the computation be added
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njicration without a correct diagnosis being made in
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Had it been a concomitant squint precipitated by the attack
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with which it runs its course and in its intensity and fatality the
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young or very old animals on account of the prevalence of
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on the administration of massage by Dr. Mennell though short
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was found that in these cases too the glucose in the
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axillary glands are affected in about two thirds of the cases. The disease
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not indispensable alcohol is valuable as a food and
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ing of the elastic fibrils was more apparent. Some of the
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employment and be capable of judging the signs of reaction.
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fibers turn ventrally into the lateral motor column. At the
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weakness and tonics are clearly indicated. The best medicine that
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lateral veins and this escape by virtue of the system of
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quires a knowledge of the vital processes which occur in the body of
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Dr. Hirschman has formulated several principles in dealing
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although at the Pan American Congress in 1892 Forstensson according
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Case v. On July 5th a female aged 30 Mussulman was admitted
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All sums of money asked for erecting new buildings or
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some empirically to prescribe the so called stomachics and amara
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several had done this once or twice but most had never
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meduUated seem to end in the adventitia and to be sen
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