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furnished apartments rent for from $40 to $100 a month.

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bladder with involuntary micturition by stimulating the skin of the thighs,

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Surgery, Midwifery, or in some of the sciences embraced in the curri*

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upon the periphery of the lobules, and in small quantities. In an extremely

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part — ^Anatomy and Histology; 2nd part — ^Physiology. Third: 1st

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the fingers (crushing, cuts, etc.). In some of these cases we may have to do

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Medical Chemistry, Materia Medica, Pathological Anatomy, Clinical

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v:^^ni>;'i^'r<>d i ? \r'. f J^sic r^iference* If *publicaticn^ ,%re 'superseded or'replaced by orS^


zation toward the right. The sugar which turns it toward the left (levulose),

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the periphery into the corresponding nerve roots (hypoglossal, etc., spinal

danazol adverse effects ati

than formerly to allow the ears of corn to mature fully before harvesting

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1. Satisfactory completion of not fewer than 4£ courses on the graduate level (in-

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Hampshire. — Boyal South Hants Infirmary, Southampton, — ^The

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motility which make the patient incapable of any fine motor acts, and yet

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Mathematics — Arithmetic, Algebra to quadratic equations; and

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from Edinbargli, should present their applications as long beforehand

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symptoms ; the patient complains of headache, dizziness, and inability to sleep.

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Richard Lewin Pennell, M.D. Edin., Cheriton Bishop,

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during their period of attendance in the Hospital, free of expense."

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tions, Clinical Surgery and Medicine, Pathological Histology,

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mental aberration is often insufficient to convince the family or the authori-

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work), or in some cases exposure to cold or acute infectious diseases, seem to

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nutri^ts by absorbing them befoce they, are absorbed thtrnqti the irftastines of the host.

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croduce a smoother mix, make whipping easier, and prevent churning of the fat in the

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or of dementia. During the course of the disease lucid intervals are said occa-

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Fruits and vegetables are generally to be preferred. Any large amount of

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in accredited areas under USOA supervision. Cows must be free of tuberculosis,

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passed the First Professional of the College of Physicians of London.

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vestigator. Awards are made on the recommendation of the Dean of the Division of the

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latter condition is seen chiefly in the idiopathic, generally epidemic, cerebro-

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The frequency of the attacks varies greatly in individual cases. As a rule,

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dition of the skin of the fingers, eruptions of herpes, etc., are often seen in

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** Note-book," and the " Syllabus." For Pharmacy, Paieit's " Selecta e

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Chemiatiy, and a Students' Library, well supplied with medioal books and

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the disease, but it is not exceptional to have none but the general symptoms.

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ray examinations have given us an idea of the frequency of fractures of the

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growth in this region. Occasionally, also, chronic hydrocephalus is con-

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as much as possible by the vicarious actions of other organs. The disturb-

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