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rapidly extends upon the pharynx and into the nasal passages

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lion a year business with 1 000 customers and 7 production and

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the use of morphine hypodermatically administered. He reports

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public spirit shown by their wealthy citizens. Englishmen stand

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but also as compared with the corresponding Gothic forms. As the

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of goiter in Michigan and the advisability of look

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ods of treatment are ofttimes led to overestimate the

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tion itself and no more practical difficulty can ensue

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Andititathingtobeconfidered that in all partes of the

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merriment with the other children present. Subsultus tendinum pidcing

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vents chronic invalidism. It is not only a nutritive tonic but being

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z For slavery in Greece see Schmidt Ethik der alien Griechen

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Otir associate Mr. Brande afterwards examined the sub

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forced to endure at present after the removal of hemorrhoids.

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increase of temperature their blood vessels dilate a little without


forms the first and second sound become very similar and the long pause

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instances on record h congenital syphilitic he atitis and c septic poi

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of ills that are difficult to trace. It is generally

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make it an instrument of little value. The principal dis

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things to be accomplished. First the nutrition of the body must be

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It is necessary now to discuss the question of the structural element

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warmed and thoroughly vaselined without and a flexible round ended

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most common of these is pain of a gnawing or bui ning

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thyroid region remaining as permanent traces of this disease.

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stringency has arisen. It is observed that in many areas

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basse of Brooklyn N. Y. in an article on Medical Re

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substernal and similar pains noted so frequently as pre

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small and not easily compressible. Temperature nor

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and indicates any kind of tumor which so encroaches

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fest. The cachexias are generally well marked and evident. An excep

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in the cerebellar process and the restiform body are the main

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actual number of cases of the epidemic disease which have

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The first four varieties of labio ohoreic stammering correspond to

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According to the preface this book is the result of observations

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nieift gebeim gebaltenen Medikamentc. Die Giftinifcbcrei war in voller

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the man died of exhaustion fifteen hours after the stom

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ing his nineteen years service at Utica and the trustees

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due to the fact that the blood followed the coarse of

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experiments of Poynton aud Paiue certainly points to

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he will find that so far from making light of scarring after

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of the new disease. It nay be well to consider a few of

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cation of the organism especially on the part of the

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iodiue pbosplmrtis and bromine in the oil. Tlieae agenta

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MaccNven and Korner have pointed out that oculomotor palsy is frequently

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It is composed of two lateral lobes and a median portion the isthmus.

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the whites of three eggs beaten to a froth and iced over.

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tor in the end result so far as the radiations are con

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conclusions from the fact just stated as might follow such observation

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lubseqaently in attempts of nature at repairing the in

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iepends on the amount of constitutional disturbance that has

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and elastic fibre. The field of the microscope then

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middle of the forearm it becomes of increasing importance the nearer

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that of the white matter is noted by all succeeding authors who

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The true aim of all medical science and the object of all.

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pudding which yet was not quite rejected at dessert are

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injections are best made along the left jugular groove and fric

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derived from the making of such sketches both in the

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A relapse in the typhoid condition occurred with a moderate

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plane. After the first flight there is an overwhelming sense of relief

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co ordination manifested by them was you will recall quite different

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that produced by large doses of powerful sedatives.

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outside the City. In addition there were 14 cases or 4.74

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Dr. Nevins in reply states that the heading of Table No. 2 from

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the insane. They were followed by a long line of physicians

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order in which case the member so called shall immediately sit

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pendium of Mi I iral Sn. In issc l i I.rinton was awarded

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superposed zones as there are pairs of spinal nerves.

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motor nerves 2 curarine in similar amounts produces paralysis

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alcohol of 20 Vo strength and upwards is directly injurious to

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brought out the frequency with which erroneous dia

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later patient asleep and pulse 78. On the next day the patient

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contraction of the whole spleen and 2 cutting these

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In all cases requiring drainage after vaginal hysterectomy the

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In your concluding remarks you state that I entirely repudiated the

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In the practice of medicine antipyretics have received a

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to raise the latent spark of the fire of life. The same holds

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and water. The fixed oils are insoluble in water but may be mixed

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be so named merely because no pus is visible whereas polynuclear leuko

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As Lady Essex she had procured a divorce from her husband

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