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Bruns, of Tubingen, we receive a fresh addition to our means

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(1869) and by Buzzard. In 1876-78 Erb published his well-known

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projecting folds of mucous membrane, commencing at the com-

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plan of treatment which I have to recommend, and which differs

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advising the eating of a whole one before breakfast, adds that

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The eyes frequently give indications of the approaching tempest,

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also observed that the swelling pulsated qiiite dis-

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Government Quarantine Station at Grosse Isle, Quebec, is doing

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etherized, the stricture was thoroughly divided, a t

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Wochensehr. 1886. — 7. Bexedikt. Virch. Arch. Ixiv.— 8. Birch-Hirschfeld. Lehrl.

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poured upon it by little and little, till it is dis-

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to be about to supersede the carbolic acid, and for intra-uterine

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causing pressure on, and thus preventing healing of, the vessel was

h2 receptor antagonists (ranitidine cimetidine)

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sudorific. It should be given in the method of small doses, very frequently

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remains in a state of quietude very favorable for the examination of

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greater sensitiveness of self-educated women as compared

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better for the patient to sufiFer some discomfort than to

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the metabolic changes that are then occurring in the animal body. A

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FOR YOU AGAIN: $10.00 a month of RETIREMENT INCOME for each $1,000.00 of life in-

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trimester of pregnancy have a 2% chance of having a baby

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" As the representatives of the faculty in corporation and on other

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several investigators. Yet it is safe to suspect that not one of them

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may be found as an apparent dependency of the middle temporal or

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Seides, S. Warren. Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychia-

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days later Dr. F. found her in the following condition: Face pale, bluish; eyed

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well seen in Plate I. At the distal end of the tubular portion,

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local treatment of wounds. It was considered more convenient,

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duction of arthritic symptoms may, when controlled and dis-

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or one kind of fruit. This is the only safe rule of general application, and allows

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the expectoration was small, but very adhesive. To-day

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mmld be better tbao its onntiDaftnce. IIo tnVea opium ngnin. And to

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faction, in which albuminous and other highly organized nitrogenous sub-

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there is more itching and it is more chronic. In this

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