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sented by the science of man indeed by all science for it threads

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Chemistry reveals to us the composition of matter and in the

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doubtedly exaggerated Only by long patient experience

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the embarrassment of respiration by interfering with

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mild acids recommended for use in alkali poisoning and

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which the removal of the original source of the trouble

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with reserve more especially as in my own determinations on the

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scammony under a separate title instead of leaving it out entirely

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be synchronous with the heart sounds or occur independently of them.

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common that they will not be mentioned here. Their variety is innumerable

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cussion and auscultation. There is marked myoidema.

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some cases the expression of the child seems completely altered.

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abled to get a better idea of these conditions in cases where for

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In regard to the method of exposure the mistake has been repeat

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Tuberculous meningitis sometimes gives rise to difficulty and a discharge

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effect on both the heart and peripheral vessels the former action

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mal and when drawn from the body during life coagulates imperfectly or

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all through the stethoscope. Pulse was of only slightly

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fumigated for the third time and m the event of other regula

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H. Schlesinger is of the opinion that tetany is a disease

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tinio that difl erenee ol vocation or environment may

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Symptoms The attacks may come ou either in the night or in the

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hygiene and a noble monument of a life long devotion to hu

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lioal Science which will well repay an attentive penisal. In

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portion of the thrombus is firmer often granular and

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hospitals throughout the kingdom as a result of rationing I

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jected and repeated in fifteen or twenty minutes or

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question of time when every one of the former would disappear from

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Members of the College having undergone the necessary examinations

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of glasses for slight refraction errors when the apparent asthe

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At the same time there will be hepatic renal and cerebral disturbance.

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the nerves of the electric organ. They show as it would seem that

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leaniEig over to pick up a st ck threw his foot up aud

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nothing is left of these preliminary formations which correspond to

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congenital peculiarities which render the nervous system of the

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stretched out eyes staring and the motion of the flanks increased even

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received by American soldiers in the World War were by artillery

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perseut time some of the best scientific minds in the pro

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constipation dyspepsia piles amp c. with the certainty of doing

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there is reason to fear that the feeling has not been

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P.S. The Local Government Board have never been requested to sanction my

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and contains chlorides phosphates and albumen in varying proportions.

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heard the rustling of oiled silk. Boyle the father of chemistry could not

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red blood corpuscles. The course of the disease is very

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tions. If we grant the existence of infantile sexual trauma as under

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successful devotion of the Author to this branch of science. Dr.

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suffices tlien to cap the molars with caoutchouc so that the upper

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suddenness of the entrance of the bullet which leaves

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secretion due to reflex irritation. For treatment I

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regular. He had been twice married. By his first wife he

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projects prominently. At the same time other phenomena peculiar to

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most fatal yet the faintest glimmer of dawn is upon the horizon

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regress in their sleep more than normal people and it

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WORMS After treatment of Bidliography and References.

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either along social or medical lines has been of relatively recent

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rated from those with a definite diagnosis of such diseases. Patients with

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leaving for the front with only a very small propor

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cases like the whale whose teeth cannot be homologized with those

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occur in very severe efforts of hawking and coughing whooping

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has been my good fortune to have seen three cases of ade

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same when bleeding was noted and then telephone for the ward surgeon.

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an epidemic which commenced in 1918. The deaths from relapsing fever

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of the influences which inhibit the activity of the reflex arc although this

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of their fellowship in study and travel abroad. The

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Injection. Carmine gelatine. At the completion of the

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from quite another part of France. This is much the more

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Cacao plantations are apparently unsuited to the fly probably

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occurs during the stage of grey hepatization the condition is

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blood in the expectoration relative dullness or im

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pressing on the sympathetic nerve and I have been induced to lay the

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addition may be fairly regarded as an accident depending on the pre

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die Dehnbarkeit einiger ausgeschnittener Arterien. Anch an

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that dies within a few days. Finally an apparently healthy child is bom.

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peritonitis forms a mass which lieo transversely across the upper portion

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The level of the sensory trigeminal nucleus. The spinal root of

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as to the facility of indirect or mediate conveyance of the contagium of

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circumstances should be taken into account. In other words the eye

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previously exhibited and I call your particular attention to his appear

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