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influences or to catarrh of the rest of the intestinal tract.
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In the chronic form heart hurry is almost constantly a conspicuous
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poultices until the local sensitiveness has in a great measure subsided
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there is a very distinct indication to be fulfilled
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cough and muco purulent expectoration. The periodicity of the attacks
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but the latter method is indicated for Hepatic Colic Appendicitis and
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absence of symptoms. When present they are dependent upon dis
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aromatic spirits of ammonia strychnin and atropin with bland hot
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in large quantities shreds of disintegrated and exfoliated epithelium blad
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Near the customary place for the teapot lay a large
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narily other structures are also involved giving rise to symptoms of focal
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the myelin breaking up into granules while the tissue becomes infil
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etiology. Males and females seem to be ci ually liable bimI prt
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sound ia decidedly accentuated while in aortic stenosis it is faint or
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idea gives its impress to the visions of a delirium
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progresses. Dilatation may rarely follow hysteric spasm of the cardia.
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moderately well marked and to assume that the anemia is due solely to
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In reporting two cases of Chronic Poisoning with this drug Stewart
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Paralysis is often present. There is no actual loss of power.
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son calls forcible attention to serious dilatation due to the toxic action
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labor thrown upon it as possible we should attempt to overcome it
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cases some acute infectious disease or disturbance of general nutntioo ta
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der vagina lungs abdominal parietes or portal vein. Fistulae between
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while the hemoglobin is greatly reduced per cent or lower. I nilil
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certain eye symptoms. The reflexes are generally exaggented and
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impossible to reraove the fause of the anemia of course do not improve
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affections as gangrene broncho pneumonia suppurating bronchial
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characterized particularly by the presence of a considerable number of
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on the intensity of the symptoms as follows Seen most frennenllv
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etomach the converse being the case in young ttomen Fenwick.
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irritative conditions especially of the mouth giving rise to local gland
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It rapidly clears up and acidifies the urine in Cystitis but does not
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not without danger under these circumstances tbe drug increnscs the
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ists. tbe original disease should be treated promptly and thoroughly. U
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areas of red and yellow discoloration the so called red atrophy and
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spleen sago spleen and kidneys. It is also found in some syphilitic
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being shortened and the next two not so quickly the dJSBtole
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chronic splenic enlargements Absceas must be treattid hv HpWituimev
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compensatory hypertrophy of the stomach wall following pyloric strict
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nearly every form of intestinal obstruction are briefly stated as follows
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lung. Its most common cause is traumatism especially penetntiag
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extract. Fowler s solution should be given in to drop doses three
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of hours and are accompanied by paralysis which outlasts the coma
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the spongy swollen condition of the gums the loosened teeth and brawny
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supply thai is insufficient either in uantily or quality or Ijoth or.
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the practicability of removal. As the prognosis is in general unfavor
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Pathology. he chief alteratioD is the marked and. m
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the attack constipation is the rule though diarrhea which sometimes

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