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after accidental inoculation in the hand from a case of phthisis he had

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In fine it is not possible to establish at the importation ports an

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Having acquainted ourselves with the forms and locations of

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unless the wound is sufficiently large to give rise to a considerable

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four hours for blisters fifteen hours. No fever except in affected

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dilatation of the vessels the part covered by the coil be

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has lK n a coated tongue irrespective of the unck rlying condition and

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toms are conspicuous. Then the fever disappears the

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appetite good stomach not sick no pain after taking meals bowels con

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have been by legislative enactment erected into and constitute our city

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of this condition as the only one there is no dodging the

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trenches how can it matter whether they arc 4 ft. 9 in.

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As to visceral gout something should always be attempted for

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wanting. An acrid volatile principle pervades the order which is in

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others advise the operation as soon as peritonitis is

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ence and to cooperative action. They have no value for physical

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interest by demonstrating each child s approach to normal

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evidence of sclerosis of the spinal cord. Eight more

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were slightl enlarged. The lesion was therefore of tuberculous

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heat or temperature of the body is raised several degrees

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Assistant Librarian with supervision of stacks and loans John Edward

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pathology of spavin. It is sufficient for our purpose here that we

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chosen by some of our best botanical practitioners as a certain

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water until smooth like iceing spread between the cakes

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Leipzig and Munich great festivals marked the occasion of his

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tained by ordering this drug in preference to others is the rapidity

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Dr. Jarvis moved seconded by Dr. Noble that letters of con

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as well as to all scientific men engaged in biologic

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compilation could not be considered to be in this class.

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which a menstruating woman had been leaning knives would

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the afterbirth. Only in those cases where the primary rupture of the

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noticed the accident a diagnosis of croup was made and four leeches were

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the size of the child and the pelvis etc. A certain proportion

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King describing an operation which although unsuccessful

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mand and not the medical authorities at the War Office

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heavy smelling Volatile Oil having the pure intense penetrating odor

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The individual must be carefully studied a diagnosis made and then a

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the following analysis of these factors it will be necessary first to

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are liable to many nervous disorders. In these nervous

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in renal function. Such cases have been described by other authors

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immunity and when put under proper conditions tend to

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many inaccuracies and much obsolete matter and it is too large

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be superadded a distressing fluttering delayed for two hours and then

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tionen verabfolgt worden. Die zwischen der Infektion und dem

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subcutaneous test without the hazards of the latter. The positive

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against the destruction of Abbeokuta because it waa throngh

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Maximilian Herzog an active member erroneously included

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histology of the gastrointestinal canal. The stomach small and

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ported in this group I to inclusive the hemoglobin index is

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state the mechanism by which the acceleration was accom

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rhj thmical power of different parts of the heart by niorplio

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hyperplasia of the muscular elements the other m a similar change in

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and operatMos of the Leland Stanford Junior Museum during the year

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produce evidence from your professional brethren regarding your

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