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Dr. Koplik of New York in an article before the American

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killing establisliments the wholesale meat district fish wharves

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but a receptacle for disease producing elements. In England

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It frequently happens that a consumptive person has

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generally shock is too j rreat. If likely to die under opera

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other diseases accidental. They do not arise from the peculiarities of

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an emulsion of the wax recovered from the tubercle bacillus into the

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Experimentation most likely to bring such a cure to

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quick movement is carried backward and fastens the lashes against

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fatty acids. These emulsified fats largely escape oxidation and are

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all oaaas of word MindafUi ara MMMniMnied with ugrapktu.

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This Alpbabet ezpluos itself. Half an hour is auffi

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ments of lower extremities are well marked. When he attempts to sit up

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jecty the varieties of epidemic distempers and their causes charac

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its worth and its position in the medical literature of our time.

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each case I have condensed the histories as much as practicable.

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was previously obtained from the Thames as it ebbed and flowed

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size and hemoglobin contents of the red corpuscles and

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The cardinal symptom of pruritis is an intolerable itching sen

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digestion in being poisonous when injected directly

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of a condemned criminal in the Sandwich Islands by Arning has also been

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Dr. Ferguson s paper was well illustrated by e.xcellent

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Republic he has a chapter on Vaudoux Worship and Cannibalism and

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on a preceding page must guide the care of these patients. Inhalation

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