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circumference is as 7 unto almost 22 which will occasion a

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Yinsonhaler of Little Rock j considers it unessential what

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of the afferent limb of the jejunum between the anas

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case of the lymphatics. The Henry Pharmacal Oo. of Louia

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mobility. Practically the opening must be somewhat smaller

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to be Iron g of the fpirit of wine otherwife they will not

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t3 the end of the twelfth week As I have already men

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intestine. There was but little pain on pressure. In

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change in portion of growth remaining in pelvis from notes

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swollen and hard as in phlegmonous erysipelas the skin

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days be impossible to make a satisfactory diagnosis. I have thrice per

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servant boy to Mr. Pile a farmer at Westwick near North

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Bentham George. Hand book o the British Flora a description

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extended to both lungs. In every case the pneumonia

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