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Cataflam Salep

astigmatism about 15 unsymmetric and to one side of 90 or 180
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optic nerve being a consequence of simple neuritis optica or depend
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the dislodgement of any clots which might have been formed in the
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tion in the presence of which proper exciting causes may lead
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custard. After eighteen months pive minced meat. Water boiled and
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watch the eflfect of the anesthetic while the chest is compressed into a
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the inva. inati d mucous membrane can be lelt especiallv when the latient
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neoplasm at the time of Dr. Parker s letter in December 1S 01.
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rained all night and we were drenched. By half past
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Morbid Anatomy and Histology. The disease is commonly confined
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deaths. The Manila Health Board has had much difficulty in
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with increased difficulty in urination. The attacks sub
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walls may become the seat of malignant disease. Occurs primarily
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from wounds or in the cerebro spinal fluid. The painstaking
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monia are correctly returned by most medical men under that name
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doses of cjuinine giving in bad cases 10 grains every
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treatment in fact should be that which is practised
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and it is not less erroneous to dct according to a set
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from the food these vessels empty the chyle or nourishment into
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nurses of the first class and twenty four nurses of the
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it by our learned neighbors. Not content with employing it for
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petals very short stamens and smaller leaves and leaflets agreeing with his
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culties has led Dr. Martin W. Barr Chief Physician Penn
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case A child about thirteen months old had always been
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working women with 15 years and 10 months and in servant
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means of auscultation and percussion if these fail to detect any tangible
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It is noteworthy that the occurrence of haemorrhages in the infective
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conx qui iM ciT sinusitis of one or more of the nasal fossae.
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between her abdomen and the counterpane an enormous roll of wadding.
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infant mortality. We can only hope that their efforts in this direction
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huirably illustrated most interesting from a physiological
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ing over a considerable portion of the convexity of
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asphyxia hectic and exhaustion in relatively varying degrees in which
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some other surgeon s account of this very procedure but unfortunately
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the cotton spinners he came hrst into touch with the problems
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everything that can be done to ameliorate the condition of the chronic
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there is naturally pnxluced some increase of muscular tonicity. This
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that are tuberculous the Cattle Commissioners state ai
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One road of approach to the problem has been opened up by
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a mere symptom but it surely may have denoted more than one
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sion. On several occasions I have known an error in diagnosis to result

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