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cially complete removal we must face the following facts

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upon the real needs of the people as upon the number of schools

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may be sterilized by soaking in 3 percent cresol solution for 30

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progressive central muscular atrophies. In certain rare cases the process

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five years. Winchester was selected as the next place of

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an Analysis of the Mental Symptoms of Nervous Exhaustion and

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confined to a portion. In some instances there is scantinesss or irregular

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forth a wind from the Lord and brought quails from the

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was very high and the disease spread to England where

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Cough. The almost invariable association of some degree of emphy

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applying it. wash the face with hot water f l T Ju

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and marked cyanosis were produced. The symptoms lasted for two

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this too passed away. My copy bears the date of 1883 and shows

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medicine the lower ranks may thin out by promotion. The

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less extended field than actually exists and as the patient must sit

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of one ounce of aloes and two drachms muriated tincture of iron well

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The experiences of the war have shown that the mode

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Serious abrasions on the feet corns bunions and ingrowing nails

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to the value of electrosensory examinations in bilateral disease as a

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These mounts are iateresting by reason of tlie application

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to do if syphiUs in its different phases were eradicated. It

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larynx to which it is regarded as strictly secondary. This error b

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parallel to the median sulcus and to the occipital pole of the

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becomes supple and healthy looking. Usually this treatment consumes in

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removed the appointment of the attending staff of the

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success cross breeding to furnish a variety of character

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ture labour results comparatively often even without such a

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attacks impairs memory may produce cerebral hemorrhage temporary or

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their own school for social and collegiate purposes.

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and eroded. Trachea shows a similar membrane. The congestion increases toward the

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