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Churchill, Alonzo, 189 Genesee St., Utica, Oneida Co.
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eye. Several instances of this kind come to my memory,
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B. 2. No. 57, Book III. — Large, flat, pebble-shaped calculus, 38 mm.
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1 think the benefit derived by patients suffering from
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At the request of the Society Dr. Karl Von Ruck read his paper on "How
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water, carefully heated to the temperature of 103 degrees. In
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internal styptic in uterine bleeding ; it has been successfully used in
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in ten civilian patients who were in the same hospital for various
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Figure 6.— An EMED study done postoperatively on the Charcot foot deformity
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of medical practice than any other easy practical reformation.
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tillery to the top of a mountain, drank greedily of snow-water, and drop-
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ing, where the students have the opportunity of compounding hundreds
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nerve-trunks such as the external popliteal and ulnar nerves, is another
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the New York & Northern Railroad.) This is a plan of
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was evacuated. He was then brought to the Stanton U. S. Army General
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fissure, and a corresponding &aip raised from the roof
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work was done in the open under observed machine-gun fire.
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In all of the methods the cases of open tuberculosis are consid-
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mortises 1x2 above the bottom rail, and the top mortises
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add a teaspoonful of powdered alum, and one teaspoon of
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February 27, 1917. — Basal metabolism was only 5 per cent below normal.
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In rheumatism, the results by the thread experiment were uniformly nega-
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tiation into Discipleshlp — On the Laboratory — On Technical
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can not usually be dealt with according to exactly the same pro-

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