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these changes. Some nerve fibres had simply lost their

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or suspect some tuberculous infection to be complicating

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ten minutes. We must therefore admit either that this bacillus does

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billitated and which hinder and auert fluxion fuchare

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Leaving out of consideration the old theories as to plethoric

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Ret on the harmlessness of air accidentally entering the veins after

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importance so much of the lateral walls of the vagina are

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and the autopsy showed the silk in coils entirely en

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When the process of calcification in the cell clusters becomes

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cated. That is those portions of the cord which are

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left side the middle cerebral artery was dilated into an aneurismal pouch

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for the first time they all fell back in their chairs

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that which existed in El Paso and Santa F but that it

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tioner cannot fulfill and yet its importance is the greatest.

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cauterization bleeding perfusion amp c. are all ineffective.

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same identical organism and yet every bacteriologist recognizes that

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the Classification Pathology and Treatment of Insanity up to the present time.

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retired on October 24 1899 for incapacity resulting from an incident of

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puohed aside and the liver downward by the effusion pneumonia ia

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diately felt a sensation of burning in the stomach

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deserves being as it undoubtedly is. not only easy of

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be compared. This fact however does not stand in the

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with thirty three per cent of lymphocytes the urine was

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disease or extreme pulmonary emphysema either vesicular or interstitial.

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Weir raised the question of treatment in intestinal

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Society for Medical Improvement Nov. 26 1900. See Journal

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had been required to complete the work. The patient had a

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found that the liver was enlarged comparing with the average as

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is most frequently involved. In the horse the lymph glands

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pseudo element has been the most powerful argument against

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simplicity b its freedom from post operative nausea and pain

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devious winds would have a distributive tendency but it must be

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the cause of encephalitis haemorrhagica. He makes no reference however

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or prevent any action wo may take in other directions.

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lirium and vomiting. After the disease is established we observe the

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reasons above slated. It is thought that no physician even though he

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is most frequently answered In reference to the benefits de

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passenger cars and more often box or cattle cars converted into a hospital

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position. The child s death is more apt to occur from such

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mors growths of the epitheliomatous variety break down

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Life cycle is variable perhaps thirty four to forty eight hours.

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irregular cavity is exposed the walls of which are cov

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sive changes may immediately occur. They may disappear by absor tion

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being often simple Mr. Coulson says is not conclusive against their connection

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dental trauma the ovum is healthy normal in all its parts size and

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its environment from which the patient tubercular person note the presence in the

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vast tracts of territory claiming as its victims persons of all ages

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proof of a chemical examination. It is to be hoped that subsequent

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acute or may be subacute or chronic from the outset. Tubercular can

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out of a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and Cold War

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secure the greatest advantage. Considerations of this kind

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below maintains a close connection with the decidua

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a kind of necrobiosis of the cells and that the cell protcids

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searches with Regard to the Parasitology of Malaria Brit

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paratively few observations of typhoid otitis which have been made

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headache of a dull heavy character. This prodromal stage may

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You have enriched our lives. Your dreams and discipline

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give evidence that his mental functions are unimpaired. In this respect

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Dewar Henry On the Dysentery in the British Army during 1701

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general dilatation of the whole vessel for a more or less

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used or the number of views taken except as otherwise noted.

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mean by accuracy in clinical work and I want to say a few

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Killed and wounded Civil and World Wars regional distribution of 77

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them in rheumatic fever. They are used both locally and internally.

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manial donovani the parasite of kala azar have been found in

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most. A drop of concentrated sulphuric acid added to a small portion

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health until about six weeks before his death when he was

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a matter of frequent observation in cases of profound shock

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