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of some of the more ordinary features of the typical epileptic fit. Thers

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spasm followed ; if only the lower limbs were irritated

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which are making the necessary arrangements. The dates

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be employed, and its admiiiistratiun must be continued for long periods. In

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on the brain, interrupting the functions of the life of relation,

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From the condition in which we find the left Fallopian tube I think it safe to conclude

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ment, quiet the nervous system and induce nature's sweet

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Typhoid fever often causes temporary alopecia, and sometimes leaves

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The most important foci of malaria to be found at present are

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obvious that with the acquirement of means of ascertaining the existence

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accidents c6r6bro-spinaux soudains et impievus dans le

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that all these cases are found in tubercular patients. There-

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the hematuria. There was a leukocytosis up to 300£

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2. The operator stands at patient's side, and places the palm

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acter and size of the growth and the action secured in three weeks, making

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from sugar and other substances which are readily convertible into onlie

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with a microscope, I readily discovered the Aclwrion Schoenleinii, or fungus

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illness is primarily psychiatric presents, of course, a more

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President, Royal College of Physicians, London ; Sir George H.

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I. Family : Monosporidia— Forming reproductive bodies by the

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considered, viz. that which is found in prior disease or unsound-

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extremely so, but in good spirits. — Froude Posthumous Pamph-

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1 -oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooboooooooooooooooooo th

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lost three of his own children, in spite of alcohol and quinine.

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The locdl or sifnnnclricdl (jangrcnc may follow eitlu'r the syncopal statre

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netic effects of a selected drug and the "symptoms"

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by abstracting their water. Internally, tonic and astringent ; very

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should be introduced into a fresh vertical cut below the suicidal wound

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