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of the London College of Surgeons, to the Deans of the Univer-
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salt water ; and embrocations containing sedatives may be after-
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* Ann. de llnstitut Pasteur, IX, 035-635, No. 8, August, 1893.
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stituents of the blood plasma, particularly carbohydrate, are present,
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attended with a grating sensation and sound ; the deformity is be-
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thing depends on the way in which the ordeal is accepted
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To whom all communications, subscriptions, exchanges, books for review, etc., should
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neum that previously belonged to it. The other round liga-
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the results obtained in the Boston Lying-in Hospital.
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of a five-months-old child. Leuckart considers that they were young
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both of epilepsy. Lecithin was twice found. Experiments were made
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mucus membranes, as those lining the urethra, the bladder,
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ture in the thermostat and remained absolutely sterile.
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ing that, in spite of the usual treatment of albuminuria, an
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individual houses. Moreover, until the sputum reaches the sterilising
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Who could have thought that one single bad tooth had
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abdomen, scalp, back, forearms and lower extremities.
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of the brain, the more frequently and the earlier the eye symp-
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(see Fig. 27), but more commonly they were of a mucoid or cellular
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of, and Operations on, these Organs. Prof. J. Simon 202
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there are great and just reasons to believe in a permanent arrest

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