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against excessive engorgement it was thought to do this especially in
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the case with muscle extract but is not so extensive as when spleen
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platysma. After a short interval the clonic spasms became much less
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urinary or generative organs and the removal from all sources of
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tremities. These symptoms deepened and in addition on tlie
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The infecting organism was found in every case examined
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There is usually here some impairment as well of the superficial layers of
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hypothesis that there is an attraction of the blood hj the tissues but
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motic patch opposite and injection of the pia mater
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escaping by stool sometimes causes diarrhoea at others griping and
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the debate which followed Raupach Degive Leblanc Lydtin
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waxy matter is stained a deep red or reddish brown mahogany color.
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tains that the glanders bacillus passes from the parent to the fcetus not
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whether there were any alterations in the length of time that

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