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Baclofen Used For Alcohol Withdrawal

ease was present in smaller patches, and this was the most
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vided the gods of the nether world into two classes, we have done
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ment, pushing back the upper part of the limb and pull-
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The symptoms of shock vary in degree with its severity and are
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fully operated upon for cleft palate and harelip subsequently
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Dual Hospital Appoint- DuRiNG the last few years a question in im-
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Location of tumor was equally clear : the relative sit-
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before the Medical Society of London, submitted certain pro-
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there are those in the Slate who would like to secure
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the white substance of the cord, and of the anterior and
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country their location often compells them to perform the double
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and under such distention the duct will sometimes rupture, and the
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swollen and tender. In the end of May, after painting with
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hair with blood, and consequent fouling of the wound.
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but for an average person what may be called the physiological amount
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Cartin, three sons, Jack, Ned and Gregory, and three
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notion of throwing a fire brand into its midst, which would not only ex-
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slough in one instance, had any detrimental influence
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the tapes being tied about the middle of the cannon bone.
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Let us now look for a moment at poliomyelitis as it has
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be concentrated upon the problems which press most urgently for solu-
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vessels are very small, they have a comparatively short course, and are
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consultation room by a woman of about thirty years of age, who
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should be laid before the "War Office and Admiralty,
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The same was also the case with typhoid and staphy-
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economic security, social prestige and altruistic needs
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wound healed ; dit^charge still continues from the uterus. To
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Association of Medical Health Officers of Nova Scotia, July 1,
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discouraf^ed by apparent want of efficacy in the means employed ; or the patient,
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thev had to Btaj all night I sat up and paddled about all night from
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turned in cannot help but brush, as he throws his feet
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restrain the hemorrhage and prevent its recurrence.
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but commonly elaborated within the tissues by pathogenic bacteria, and that
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pregnant woman who has not already suff"ered from measles to avoid
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should be drained through a small incision in the median line just
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any portion of the bowels is injured, or has escaped
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l>a* It is 1 jvv well known tliat the ztbva is of a species entirely
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parietes an anomalous appearance which arrested the attention of

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