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be treated privately. The change in the social status of liosp tal

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arriving at any. Some writers hold one way and some another. The

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the willow bark chalk plaster of Paris amp c. The salicine possesses

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Eastman. Journal American Medical Association July.

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it is located in the subcutaneous connective tissue parallel with the

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type like sore throat and bronchitis may often be traced to hepatic

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For the throat complications which will give more or less trouble in all

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who were successful for appointments as surgeons in Her Majesty s

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from cases of bulbar paralysis wherein during life paralysis of the soft

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Folgende Aussage spiegelt die Anschauungsweise Pommrichs

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standing on the toes illustrates one of the second order.

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Many of us now do not use chemical disinfection at all some

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sity was a man full of youthful activity and manly vigor

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Its regular and irreg ilar forms. During an acute attack the

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but others are open to severe comment. Turgid and extravagant

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will tell you when to give 500 million dead typhoid bacilli

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guinal hernia because this metal allows the use of a

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The treatment when there is time for it is purely symptomatic.

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ment the giving of mercury and iodides is required to

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a week. For the purpose of comparison the records of 202 cases of

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reached the range of mountains between Nepaul and Hindostan it was at

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inches. In view of this rapid development it was decided to

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not be diagnosed. Treatment should be directed to the

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The technique of the treatment of bums by improved paraffin dressings is

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afterwards housc pliy.sician and house surgeon to the

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This agar containing 0.01 cc. of the original water is

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possible that the Ministry of Health is possessed of more

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filament petaloid entire or two lobed one of the lobes bearing the

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logical examination bacilli proved numerous in the caseous material

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Cooper Percy Robert Glenthorn The Downs Bowdon Cheshire

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The rooms for Practical Anatomy are large well lighted and ventilated and the

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foreign guosts and delegates and other representatives of

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dice that the sepsis are due to a gall stone rather than

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fibres which have all of the appearance of white fibrous

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gressively the new doctrine of the dependence of fermentation

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teen months in hundreds of cases with complete sat

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their friends attended a reception and tea given bv the Mayorof

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ihe. parasite filaria and its ova. The filaria a microscopic thread worm

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October 31 1917 there were S879 of these for which the Service de

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The first patient died without any premonitory mani

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ary morphology was well under way and morphologists gradually

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as possible. The writer thinks that after the fifth month the uterus

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etnge of bcjadsation paMes on into that of purulent infdtniticin and

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tion of the thyroids a fatal result may be obviated by leaving a

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acquaintance with the records of his department. T

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salicylate of sodium remedies which greatly increase

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while they were business men in one sense they wero

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lungs keep these coughs so long that their lungs at length are

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of these wounds the blood oozes into the intestinal cavity Wagner.

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the remainder was still immune. He then passed to the

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fore for any one to study accurately any changes that have

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the thrombus. But as the arteries of the small intestine anastomose

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of the University of Gottingen Germany with an intro

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established I have known this occur only once in the

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back is strong and no mechanical support is required.

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read Dr. Berry s little book which although in many instances merely

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factor such as the greater or less prevalence of tubercu

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The report concludes bj quoting the form of indemnity

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indications and contraindications for surgical interference.

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ered. After a lengthy description of Lister s views

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cure that will later bear fruit in protecting men and

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deavours to alleviate the sum of human misery. We are aware

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Masterpiece translated by John Coumos and with an introduction

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is a Semitic deity and as such insufficient. And as every religion

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years a spot of black pigment has appeared on the mucous

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increase in intensity and extend downward but there are no

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winter to take Venice treacle morning and evening for several

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The second best procedure is that of the open method by

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butt of all the village jests. When this is accomplished if accom

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like him which in halt ouerrunne his good friends 9 a fault

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signs at both apices in six the changes were definite though slight in

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ary 29 when the approach of mild weather and the great decrease

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its way between the muscles passes throuEjh the ab

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resign under the provisions of Chapter I Section 7

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with influenza heroine mav be used ile it is often advisable to combine

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remarkable however that the chief of these iron is in most cases

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stifle accompanied by lameness in the right hind leg. Swelling and

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of Greek as well as Latin. He hoped that physics natural philo

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the actual stage of inflammation but also for some months after.

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