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By inoculating alternately living dysentery bacilli belonging to
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not be taught to make it into bread and shall the means of
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cranial portion of the thymus either right or left. He considers
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formalin 10 per cent. or zinc chloride. If there is much sui
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way most advisable. Since infection is harbored in the glands any pro
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account for the medical histories of their relatives. Furthermore
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breath. In the tonsillar crypts the inspissated secretion undergoes de
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terval between a fireside speculation and a scientifio
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that the nervous system remained uninjured the blood
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case unusually interesting is that when the patient
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and ground again and mixed with hydrate of lime is once more
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to decide perhaps neither should be M hoHy neglected. On
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the difficulty of the task when he was unable to find
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decree of stretchiug seemed to bear but slight relation to
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due to shutting off the blood supply was the result
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being necessary. The patient was very persistent in his
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the leucocytes and a diminution in the virulence of the staphy
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dangers of dirt infections are to be avoided by careful avoidance of
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of physiological phenomena characteristic of this condlt on These
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section insistence upon research results Investigations failing to
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persistent vomiting subsequently by delirium often violent
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can be changed from that of primary nerve trouble to that of pernicious
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described a severe febrile reaction which I obtained iu
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his malaise headache sleeplessness and general con
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regulation as in the mother country. The health officer of Hobart Town
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present problems of history solved and judging by past experience
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Nineteen of the forty cases which were negative by the micro
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impact and is in the direction along which the force of inertia
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The sarcomata like other simple tumors consist of two
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interstitial changes are seen. Sometimes in cases accompanied by much
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derm belly stalk amnion and umbilical vesicle of the
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matology in the University of Illinois and Eugene M. Cald
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rior pillar. I use no needle simply a surface tie employing No.
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presenting a complexity of untemporal qualities and relations
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for such incision and the methods of making it were considered
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within it so much the greater will be the number of collateral bronchioles
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other times the lower segment of the uterus ruptures
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ciated in places with a decided proliferation of the endothe
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the knee joint. Notwithstanding this multiple suppuration the
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of congestion or hemorrhage from the pathogeny of the great
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jeopardized his career by pursuing other studies without
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the inner and outer side of the quadriceps extensor
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the other after laparotomy. These cases are usually
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rent they respond by a sluggish contraction usually to a weaker current
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the British and French troops were intermingled and
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The highest rate for malarial fevers was in Jidy and for dengue in
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as the so called tremulance or oscillatory movements cannot
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oil paper silk or other waterproof material and so kept con
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resolution welcoming the efforts of Lord Haldaue aud
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ment. At that date the surgeons apparently supplied their own
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Metallic tinkling may be produced by the respiratory acts and by the
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case. Neither the doctor nor the home should be without this
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The incision is made through the skin and dartos down to the
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test it would have been impossible for even an expert
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with forty five cases out of a total of five thousand patients. The
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empyema another was infested with vermin. All were reported as cured.
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astringents has a marked sedative effect upon peristalsis
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Tne Section jaade 250 official portraits and S59 identification
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voice present in the right ear which lately has improved
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or by the compound ointment of carbolic acid citrine
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I think it was equally unfortunate when forceps were invented. In the
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stances be removed. They are most frequently localized on the eighth nerve
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into the Sheffield General Infiruiary suffering from
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in the occasional diphtheritis evidence of their action while
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wheu his arm was caught in the machinery and the forearm
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tinued fevers in chronic rheumatism in neuralgia in hemorrhages
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ried to the pyloric extremity the circular band and all
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I had seen and treaied some bad vaccination sores. The
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Raping ties lt 25.r ff ws 3pes Ilions jrfducons f otljer
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needlessly confined in an asylum because of the lack of proper
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swelling visible anil palpable projects into the pharynx from
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the operations and considers that the unsatisfactory results obtained Ijy some
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clude such a possibility. That the process is here a degenera
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or after the administration of rhubarb. He seems to have
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army and served gallantly through the war maintaining to the time of his
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tration of the bronchial walls bronchiectasis purulent bronchitis patches of organizing
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was due she noticed a slight haemorrhage from vagina
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tion of the diseased mucous membrane of the respira
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result was I think due to the prolonged anaesthetic influence in a
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starting point of the tuberculous process should be
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enlarged lacunse of the tonsils. Still less frequently such losses
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parts and if the projecting nodules are confined to
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with caution on account of the possibility of renal irritation. In
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negative except for healed tubercle at apex. Right lung
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to doctors and laymen. Tn modern times such numerical pre
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fairly readily whereas these organisms under the varied conditions
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carefully avoided as well as blood letting general or local.
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for three minutes then it is scraped off with a bone paper
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the muscular hypertrophy and of the symptoms the natural course
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of members is six hundred and eighty being a slight increase upon the
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which cover the ground of effect of age and temperature on antigen the
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dote to strychnin only when they are injected simultaneously under
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oughly conservative yet progressive views as to the vexed
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This procedure was largely experimental on my part

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