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Solid Potasli (Pofassa Fusa, or Potassce Hydras) is a
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more to awaken interest, stimulate research, and lift the
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He had seen a case which resembled this one in so far that the
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half of all cases ; the bleeding may be profuse, and the blood
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rartliritisine ; la uenrasth^iiie ; la goiitte. 8°.
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many of the facts upon which rests the doctrine of non-identity. But it is
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than the exception for toothache to come to an end when the
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maintain the angle of abduction not far from 90 degrees." It may be
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the Romans, because it eats away the flesh like a wolf.
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and be sure to procure only "J. C. BAKER & CO.'S PHILA-
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skilful obstetricians constantly fail on this account. The dangers
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inch, each measuring transversely a sixteenth. On the
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touching or gentle stroking has of course always had
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phlegmonous natui-e he jjainted it with tincture of
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ultimately results. In rare instances the bladder may become very
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tient. All these data are of absolute importance, and at the same time
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introduction of bacteria, they become channels of invasion. The
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a " captain mounted " from the date of their acceptance ot
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found frequently developed in abscesses, especially if the pus be
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ria, among them the estival. The tertian certainly, in its relapses,
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It was naturally easier to find protection in a city of which only
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1952. Brody, Morris W., 2 W. Levering Mill Rd., Cynwyd, Pa. (19004)
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and sciences, contributed their full share to the elevation of the
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peritoneal cavity, and of drainage fluid subsequent to
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Vaughan Harley'- recently isolated a loop of the large
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Having passed the upper part of the larynx, it may stop, and
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sites which possess much mutual afiinity : in their earlier form and in
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terized by great loss of flesh, extreme whiteness of the
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be found. The diagnosis can be made only by microscopic examination.
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ter with him. But he is in trouble if anyone is looking
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in which total destruction of both occipital lobes has been accompanied
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small loop similar to that of the wire used in culturing the crypts of
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don, found one third of a grain of sulphate of morphia in a single " ho*
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faith curist and the Christian scientist, and is, as a rule, a
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obstruct labour in such a way as to demand Caesarean section, and
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commonly met with in the East than in the West, decreasiug in
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non-coagulating exudate that of the catarrhal pneumonia in its various
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If conditions are such that boiled water cannot be obtained the water may be
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gested condition. In a few cases clots were found in the lateral
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singing dviring dinner, also supplied by Mr AfQeck, who undertook
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