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The former affections can be discriminated only by a correct appreciation

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Hypertrophic Stenosis of the floras. By this term is

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palpitation and cyanosis. Later recurrences arise on every provocation.

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that diacetic and oxybutyric acids are the causes of diabetic coma and

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in these instances the effect of the profuse bleeding is evidenced by such

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forming a highly characteristic sign. The apex beat is therefore diffuse

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These are nausea vomiting diarrhea hemoglobinemia hemoglobinuria

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erally speaking the outlook is rather grave since many of the causa

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hypertrophy may be subdivided into simple and numerical hyperplasia

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tracted cases of such afiections as gonorrheal urethritis aui puerperal

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The etiology of the congenital form is unknown though the fact

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to avoid entrance into the sac. Schwalbe and Rosenfeld have been able

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moved. The choice of posture as affording the greatest relief may usually

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bony canals. Weir Mitchell believes this to be due to irritation of the

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pnea is the most conspicuous symptom and when this is marked the

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farinaceous foods. French rolls and bran or gluten bread are allowable

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Definition. An abnormal increase in the secretion of saliva.

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especially on coughing and the pain may be referred to the intercostal

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portions of the lungs involved by this type look pale when pulmonary

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and sinapis. Workers in coal tar dye stuffs are sometimes affected with

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a septic atmosphere particularly during epidemics of such diseases as

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from a vein and tracheotomy may be reijuired if the dyspnea be shown

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may contain an excessive number of corpuscles in a given bulk. This is

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smuggling of liquor to the patient by his misguided friend. It ikoB

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In mitral disease the influence of digitalis is most beneficial the pulse

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will show the characteristic changes of lymphatic leukemia if that dis

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This handy little Stand has been specially designed with the view of

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CousciousneBs ia aboliahed. In diabetic coma the historv must be learned.

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tions that are causally related to endocarditis are more frequent

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may be from tbe beginning the only clinicAl features of llic alTectioa

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lungs by the operation of causes that produce an abnormal degree of

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and which have the appearance almost of scar tissue or wbnt I

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appear. The skin becomes anemic and edema of the feet is common.

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which the hypochondriasis may sustain a causal relation it may. how

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tacked without any apparent cause. Cervical caries may cause rigidity of

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