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stitute supportive measures as required individually to maintain hydration, electrolyte bal- 1
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homes and schools for the feeble-minded would be lightened. There
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generally throughout the more mountainous portions, with its
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granulomatous type, the local lesion breaking down and forming an
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In hundreds of thousands this system of medical relief is
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although there may be some diminution of the delirium after the eruption
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ago, a number of persons in London were very seriously affected
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and shortly above the anus a firm, somewhat thick infiltration
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administered a hypodermic of Battley's solution, and washed out
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Prof. Blackman regards this preliminary operation as unnecessary, and as one
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that year. Of American asylums, I choose from a pile of a
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insight into their activities results of his opponents' work.
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One of the characteristic features of this disease is the
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useful effects unless the parenchyma is not too seriously disorgan-
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there is also found disease of the pancreas, give some
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follows sooner or later. The lateral ventricle on the same side is first
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of the epididymis on both sides (Fig. 28); the scrotum remained normal.
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ities, — thinks it is always right, — is obstinate, — -will have its
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Primary heeding of bullet wounds, i>ote 13, p. 103.
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to that to which he may be entitled under the above scale. A Deputy Surgeon-
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measure under certain well-defined restrictions; and even then to be
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seem to repress the swelling below that of water. It should be pointed
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did me the honour to summon me in consultation with him in the
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phate of quinine in 2 dracliius of water acidulated with
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the other. This is a relation, indeed, which must be familiar to
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limb. I ordered a lotion containing 15 grains of the hydrate of chloral
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by a lighter yellow zone. This appearance was quite uniform throughout the
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his case, is of a much more dangerous character than subcuta-
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aphasia seems to us a little brief and obscure. Singu-
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can be better occupied than in taking care of his own quarters.
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12. Coubmont et Lesieub. La polynucleose de la rage. Journ. d. Physiol,
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