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that sunlight produces speedy death of the bacillus while darkne
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bers of his faculty who died prematurely at the height
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days so that the reversed tail was left sticking to the back of
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to be encoimtered iu the sputum while the more resistant
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Case ni. Wandering after tdceraHon through the gaU bladder of a large
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By means of this rapid plan of enucleation the tumor and
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paying him large sums to have their imaginary cataracts absorbed.
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enteric fever. The patient should be allowed to eat whatever food he
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in the eyes is often overlooked. The eyeballs ache. There is sufiraorbital
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preparations is an excellent one well deserving of commendation and
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to professional jealousy and undue rivalry than can
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of sensitized over unsensitized cultures is that a strain of the typhoid
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down from among the rubbish in the obi garrei of Medical
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A. B and C Tuborclps on entral edge of posterior hollow
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past. This is the spiritual heredity which gives to human victory its
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heritance relations of certain constitutional mental dis
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and were st veral hundred in number. The mother cyst was
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muscles. It is however frequently associated with loss of deep sensibility
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suggest ways in which he might economize. The two sections
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ism existing whereby a part of the cranial contents can be quickly
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but upon the poetry of Germany and indirectly through Coleridge
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instance in which the membranes were not thrown off until the ninth
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to decide whether the enlargement is syphilitic tuberculous or l3 m had
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depend upon recovery of nervous tissue which is only par
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the office and discharge all the duties as now per
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the stomachs was a remarkable dissection of the lymph
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corresponding loss of function. The histological condition of the atrophied nerve
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serous colluvies which is shut up within the system. This we
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until the musical expression or emotion is given the
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degeneration of the ganglion cells of the anterior gray
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land be rescinded and that the Finance Committee be empowered to
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position after involution. A tumor connected with the uterus or its
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on the rim of the crater. The western and northwestern boundaries of
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that these monsters arise from the union of two originally separate
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all the risks of local complications due to the enlarged tonsils removed
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in a week or month or year by a gradually developing
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passenger cars and more often box or cattle cars converted into a hospital
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permissible to relieve headache and optic neuritis and for exploratory
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dollars is not fair. Is protection against quacks and shyster doctors
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of inflammation painfulness present. Eest the recumbent position and
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entirely upon our knowledge of nervous regeneration. Its philos
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her cheeks with glassy looking eyes and dilated pu
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llic stertorous breathing tlie temptation to bleed may
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flexed. The camphorated immovable dressing is applied immediately. On
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Sir John McFadyean Principal Royal Veterinary College Camden
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was undiscoverable. If they were killed about the fifth day it was found
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size the foot gradually resumed the normal size and ever after
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to this category. The same is true of the paralytic
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election of the master and wardens. It was the duty
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recalls the great contributions by American physicians to Tropical
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the same day he removed the tube she coughed up the match.
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enucleation under short anaesthesia and ensuring spon
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frequently discharged naturally by the mollusc and may be easily
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injuries received in the exhibition of their profes
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beg of you that this meeting be one of perfect har
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pression of the eyes in the orbits a languid small
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Whitaker s paper particularly the statement as to the normal balance
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regard to any of these towns is the exact state of their preparedness
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much to do with official matters non medical. He often
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to take full advantage of the most modern and detailed taxonomy
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injections of adrenalin the excretion of sugar appears to
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the collection of a considerable quantity of blood or other fluid in
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relation to the diseased condition could be established by
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The highest rate for malarial fevers was in Jidy and for dengue in
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the middle of May to the beginning of October. Examination of
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M.D. Berlin translated from the third German edition by James Ers
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the latter is present. They end in telodendrions about
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and the hospitals themselves are now actively engaged in
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section 10 of which provides for relative rank for members of the
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few moments in a 5 per cent solution of carbolic acid
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Bartholomew s London and also studied in Lcipsig Paris

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