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to prevent gangrene but too little for incarnation.

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Admission to Advanced Standing in the Medical Courses

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escaped without the occurrence of a single case of the infection.

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as after his second sojourn he was again discharged unimproved.

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could stand for some minutes but fell if it attempted to walk. In

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prove much less destructive and are often unsuspected.

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state that marked improvement has followed such treatment. Laubrv

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bling. Even on truthfulness alcohol has a more destructive influence

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was under chlorofoim taxis was tried but the swelling was so

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represent the origins of two efferent pencils taken at the

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On examination a deep lacerated wound at the back of the

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more common in cities than in the country syphilis is

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and the presence of jaundice prompted the diagnosis

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neral Poisons and that liver of sulphur was considered the best

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of but little interest to the physician who was called upon

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sheets of white paper rub again and you will have a beau

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such an experience. I suggest therefore that you follow the

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a critical sickness excessive vomiting excruciating pain

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Parker. He was better in warm weather. Cold seemed to affect

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An addrcM will ht delivered by the President Furneaux Jordan.

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ties the prohibition of animal experimentation the unorganized character of the

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According to Davaine the occurrence of the disease in the two sexes

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shoj tly after the jaws are so completely and immove

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