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atropine required to produce mydriasis is lowered 50 per

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To find the cubical oontcntH of a cylindrical oott

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being in the market. The dosage and the duration of the treat

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On April 121 1919 a conference to consider the problem

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Young replied that the amounts granted by the Treasury since

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creased to 338 579 against 320 735 ten years ago. Looking at the

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Like that of anv mother the heart of the university warms with pride

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and modem writers and among others from Ellis in his History of

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among congenital diseases. Though they are usually non

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Arguments in favor of eating bone to prevent decay of

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itself by encapsulating the bacilli. In a second class

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blood. Mercury produces an almost typical dy sentry and the

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Then 1 arrington lSi 0 says that In provings it was

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looked for. It had illustrated the errors on both sides the prejudices

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Bacteria are single celled vegetable organisms round cork screw

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just boon pcnted out and thoy are well represenld s 4 M

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shrunken into much smaller ball shaped bodies in place of the usual

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of electrical diagnosis together with the great advances in physio

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be due to a physiological process. Another fact which

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tiun of dilute picric acid dressings 3. It was saggested that

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are also in strands in order to give them their best sup

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produce too much stimulation H. L. Mclnnis states that

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because low temperatures do not destroy cell Hfe but they check its

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Lermoyez the following classification of the signs of

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morning sitting at his open window enjoying as he thought

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cytes of animals Fed Diets High in Saturated or Polyunsaturated Fats.

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Scholarships. The following scholarships are offered for

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practising abide with me yet. The pain was awful and

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for us by renouncing the demand for absolute truth and demon

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treatment is not counterbalanced by the general depres

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almost a total blank in knowledge of the machinery and

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weisscn Niere oft mit mehr oder wenigcr bedeutender Amyloid

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of the British and American Medical Associations was soon

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of the bacterium which they have isolated. Other authorities

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In this paper Mr. rown relates six cases which were treated in

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The occasion for this study was a patient who had been under

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Oil of Origanum one pound Tincture of Opium three fuidounces. Stir

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m the most favourabh position for exploring and operating and to

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In some obstinate cases of malignant syphilis of the throat sarsaparilla

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Largely secondary from stomach intestine lymph glands spleen pan.

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insane and tabes. The point many were apt to forget

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they were applied with either too little or too great a de

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gressively the new doctrine of the dependence of fermentation

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was admitted to Ward M of the stationary clinic Professor W. S.

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Mr. Mundella in reply to a question put by Mr. Errington in the

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shoujd be summoned. Then I saw the first grave case of illness that

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Inquiry Commission commented strongly upon the Malay

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of the sitting being regulated by the amount of pain

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many hours was shown to me by the case of a Russian

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G its back with the head and shoulders up hill and employ

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The New Woman s Clinic and the Change in the Status of the

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has studied the distribution of the deaths from tubercidosis in a single

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the thoughts and actions of others by suggestions unconsciously conveyed

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can be changed from that of primary nerve trouble to that of pernicious

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tbe right bronchus. The end of tbe forceps came immediately in co

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isted in the left pleura at the apex of the lung. The

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ception of Detroit nowhere was the epidemic so severe

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Turpentine given internally has before the usual time of beginnfng

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tests while at time. negative showed enough positive results

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Latin poets imitated it and it is quoted by the scholiast on

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date of registration. 2 Graduates in arts or science of any

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