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the radiographs are poor and do not adequately illustrate
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ment of the old methods if corroborating each other is about as
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The organism is therefore for the physiologist only a special
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in his file. The other copy is forwarded to the receiving officer for
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Mitral and tricuspid lesions are the ones oftenest accompanied by changes
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mary changes take place in the blood itself. An argument
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assistance has practically ceased and the Committee is
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mental diseases otology dermatology and ophthalmology.
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perineurium the ganglion ca snle and the dura mater shows the
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Our undiagnosed cases are decreasing as our knowledge increases
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has found no contraindication for the administration
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jury to the cervix. In addition he believes there is a
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keep in place the two recipients when both eyes have been operat
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having been arrested as may be confirmed by X ray examination. Mean
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