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to similar agents is the benefit derived from the resinous elements sus-

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of an artery, of fibrin, and this may be dislodged, so that it will closely

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the public and the profession would not be better served if its

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in connection with the insurance societies. Quite recently

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*In 1837 Rayer wrote that the study of tlie morbid clianges of the supra-renal

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treated surgically. The esophagus also occasionally has diverticula,

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examinations. In reply the Committee of Management said

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author's ''Graves' Disease, With and Without Exophthalmic Goiter,"

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which he knows, from experience, means that the clouds are on their

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lege of intimacy with him and in the influence which he

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life, when they seize or are seized by the pen. This is the

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cal officers to submit their sanitary reports direct to his office

Healthier Baking Recipes

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