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these 11 patients were investigated in the same manner as in the first
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vised and they also will be advised of any contract
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conclusive, since with the apparatus with which the
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tinued until the abdomen became uniformly distended and tym-
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sustained. If the grasps be compared on the two sides in a case of hemi-
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members are a unit upon medical subjects. There will be a
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hour, or more, at a time, and made little complaint of the
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be exceeded ; and how men can be found c penny wise
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at the lowest point posteriorly, and in most cases over the eighth or
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destroy diastase, and trypsin will destroy pepsin. Many digestive
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the laryngeal mechanism, and, when no speech is emitted, he un-
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monia then under the observation of the physicians reporting.
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circumstances dispensary prophylaxis will not be accessible at the hours
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such instances as the running over and killing of a
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aims are achieved one might almost find the medical man like
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small doses of this salt has a very satisfactoiy and
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ception of these sciences. Such a training will not only afford a better prepa-
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They are distinguished from each other by the colour of their petals; the one
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Hartwell, I.. M. "n th. -physiology of exercise, 297,321.
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this discrimination against self-employed professional
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"It is a well-known law of nature," says Mrs. Hester Pendleton r "that
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personis, being within the fredome of this burgh, quhilkis [who] ar infectit or lies bene
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The swelling was due to disease of the superior max-
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accompanied by prolapse of the ovaries; also in care-

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