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evidence of disease of the left lung. The heart sounds in

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wholly or partially occluded and in which there is much laceration

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general vaso motor paralysis that in forty eight hours this was

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In severe injuries with intense pain morphine may be indicated.

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into complete working order without which perfect health cannot be long

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nervous centres the lesions are more marked the meninges are con

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hereafter full information will be at hand concerning every im

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for boys at 14 and for girls at 12. An analogous regulation is

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and in atonic diarrhrea cotoin gives the best results.

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eases they occasioned. How many persons have been seriouslj

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O Dwyer canula can be accurately adjasted to supraglottic

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weaker and inferior races and the soldiers who had never known

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Itself is inflamed the disease is termed pneumonia and the word pleurisy or

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incommon. Thus a chronic luca ilisease of slow and seemingly inter

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formation. Moreover aa the tumour grows it passes more and more

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regularity is a striking feature. Burrows should be sought for with a

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dose of tbese rays will destroy cancer cells. Kadiologists

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occultism De occulta philosopkia to refined skepticism De in

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the same observations apply to the nympka and the larval hexapod.

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F. Jenks and other distinguished American obstetricians and others of equal eminence have

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For medical purposes charcoal thus prepared is not sufficiently pure

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and that he received an cternall Spirit or breath and gt.

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had fallen into disuse and according to the Encijdopaedia

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right side. The mastoid was explored unsuccessfully. The fever and

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excesses more especially unnatural indulgence and perverted relations

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local authorities to officers engaged in medical inspection except

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whole separate remarks ou the different pathological

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They therefore wisely decided to add a seventh vol

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that the course will be very severe if the morning temperature is at

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The older observers laid great stress on sexual excesses and

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century particularly John of Salisbury 1120 1182 whose statements taken cum grano

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had broken twelve hours previously and that pains had started

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showed themselves. He then learned to use the typewriting machine. After

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bacteria upon food sugars. While heredity general disease cer

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Wernicke s test showed that neither pupil responded to the reflected light

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upon the dangers which beset the young and especially the re

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of operations first the conservative which attempts to remove only what

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the aortic cartilage. He suffered slightly from bronchitis. The urine

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upon the diseased heart valves leave no question of their causal

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operation before it reaches the interior of the skull and acute temporal

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by the employment of rays of a certain definite standard penetrating

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cardium had taken place in som parts. Its cavities contained about

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