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all day long that she could not sleep in the after

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and by his side a long sword. Any want of respect to

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slightest in inflammations of the lacunse and in mild inflam

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recommend a special paper which is a delicate reagent for

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Bull Geo. Coulson Robins Memel House West Cliff rd. Ramsgate

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This finding thus confirms the observations of Sweet and Ellis.

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authorities. He himself experimented w ith it and prefers either cvclo

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perforations are much less likely to be closed off by adhesions and a

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sires to acquaint himself with the principles of san

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the method of Golgi whether or not the nerve fibres leave

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ation of these groups of epithelial cells cut off from the surface

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ature slightly if at all elevated except during and for a short time

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that it cannot be considered viable yet I cannot commend except

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does not remember a sina le case in which a Burmese was affected.

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temperate climates but it reappears witli the warm weather without

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cough. Two days before entering she had a chill lasting fifteen

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tional. The condition of the muscles in the scapular

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Easter offerings in the case of Cooper v. Blakiston is that

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